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Saturday, August 24, 2019
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I’ve been working on and off with coaches for the past 4 years and during that time, as you can imagine, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a coach great and what makes a coach not-so-great. Very rare is it that I find a coach that I consider to have the complete package – that is clarity, passion, commitment, focus and very importantly being 110% on my side, wanting what I want as much as, if not more than I want it.In fact so rare is this combination that I can honestly say that I don’t feel that I’ve experienced it before, at least not consistently call after call after call. That is until I was assigned to Scott Armstrong. Right away just after our first introductory call I felt that I has struck gold and this has proved itself to be true tenfold. Now 8 calls in to our work together I have learned more from these 8 sessions with Scott than I have with all of the other coaches combined over a 3 year period – now that’s REALLY saying something! Not only is Scott an amazing human being (who walks his talk), but his professionalism, consistently positive attitude, passion for life, desire to serve and amazing knowledge base have contributed to me now being leaps ahead of where I saw myself 4 months ago when we first started.I now have my personal web site half completed and am thrilled with how it’s looking. I have more book and product ideas to work with than I know what to do with. I have started running teleclasses, something I had been putting off for almost a year. And that really is just the tip of the iceberg. Our sessions are always focussed, to the point and powerful. Not a moment is wasted. Having Scott on my side is like having an identical twin – he gives me energy I didn’t know I had – and I have a lot already! Quite simply, he’s awesome.

Karen Knowler

I have read Scott’s book and as a coach, entrepreneur and business owner I have found it to be very inspirational. From goal setting strategies to having faith and belief, his book is a step by step blue print how to make dreams a reality. It is a must read for anybody that desires their Gold-Medal in life. In fact, I was so impressed by the book that I gave it to my daughter to read.”

Mark Plaatjes
Gold Medal Winner
Marathon World Championships

Scott Armstrong’s coaching has lifted my life to a higher level in no time. Before I knew him I was frustrated, unfocused and underachieving. His expertise and enthusiasm have led me to achieve things I would never have imagined possible – he is absolutely top-notch!

Dr Elizabeth Drayson
University of Cambridge Professor
Cambridge – UK

Already, I feel “I’ve gotten my money’s worth with Scott’s program”. Just acting on what I’ve learned would put me miles ahead of where I otherwise would be. Scott is a great partner for me. He is positive, enthusiastic, supportive and FIRM! There is no doubt, he has a personal stake in my success (and I will not disappoint him!). I will be Scott’s greatest success bar none.

Sheila Frazier
National Sales Manager Ohio

I thought I would write you and give an update on how things are going since I started working with Scott Armstrong. Since we started our sessions my whole outlook on life has changed. The way I feel about myself and others is so much more positive. I am so aware of what is good for me, not just physically but mentally also. I feel GREAT!!! The two main areas of my life we decided needed changing the most was my health and income. Well, I am the lightest I have been in about the last 6 years. I have lost a total of 35lbs! And I am still losing! Money wise, I have had three consecutive months of earning more than I had ever before! These results are the most obvious, but there have been countless other changes which have changed me for the better. I am so happy that I chose Scott Armstrong to be my ‘Life Coach’. It’s the best thing that I have ever done! If anyone is in any doubt about asking for help from Scott then doubt no longer. Scott will be there to help and guide you, and give the encouragement that’s needed to carry on changing your life for the better! I hope you use this testimonial because Scott is the man to spread the word and help people ‘UNLEASH THEIR GREATNESS!!!!!

Mark Bell
Real Estate Investor Entrepreneur

Before working with Scott I was a salesperson that WAS plagued with UNORGANIZATION, PROCRASTINATION, and MEDIOCRITY within my life. I had never quite managed to actually overcome those habits and become the business person I was capable of being, however due to the EXCELLENT DIRECTION and PERSISTENCE and his PROFESSIONAL ACTIONS, I am truly on the right path to become the MASTER of MY LIFE not only PROFESSIONALLY but also SPIRITUALLY, (A valuable bonus!). “Scott has been the SPARK I needed to get things started in the right direction and has PROVIDED the FUEL I need TO BURN BRIGHT for the rest of my eternity.” Thank you Scott. I celebrate working with you!!”

Ted Gilbert

I have been working with Scott Armstrong and want to give you quick progress report to let you know how I’m doing. In a nutshell, the progress I have made since joining Scott’s program is tremendous. Here are a few examples of what I have done so far, in my first six weeks. – I worked through a comprehensive goal-setting exercise, and I now know exactly what I want in the next five years of my life.

  • I learned how to use visualizations and affirmations to alter my subconscious thoughts and attitudes, and I am now practicing mental exercises in visualization and doing affirmation exercises nearly every day. And they are working.
  • I began attacking a fear that had previously been a major roadblock for me: the fear of public speaking. Through visualizations I have begun to make a serious dent in my fear, and I have also joined a local chapter of Toastmasters to get more practice speaking in front of groups. I have no doubt that I will eliminate this fear from my mind by the end of this year, and probably much sooner than that.
  • I got serious about taking care of my health, and I started a new workout and nutrition program. I have lost 8 pounds in January, and I expect to reach my goal weight and size (I’ve got about 30-35 more pounds to lose before I get there) some time before July 1 of this year.
  • I convinced my wife that she needs to start setting goals for herself and taking them seriously, and she is starting to get interested in the process. Just this weekend she and I went through a “goal brainstorming” exercise in which she generated 40 goals that she wants to achieve over the next few years.

In addition to these examples, I am making excellent progress in other areas, such as my education (I am working on a Ph.D.), and I am now starting to define and focus on my entrepreneurial interests for achieving my financial goals. I am absolutely positive that joining Scott’s coaching program was a good decision for me, and I am looking forward to becoming one of Scott’s biggest success stories in the near future.

Matt Moyer
Public Speaker, Entrepreneur
Lawrenceville , GA

I have to tell you that “THIS” coaching is absolutely amazing! Scott Armstrong got it right on! He is a wonderful coach. I tell you that just in 3 sessions I have seen a totally different me. I have set some goals and now I have an idea of where I’m going in my life. And believe me, I have been skillfully moved out of my comfort zone. Haha! Which is a very good thing I might ad? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still having a bit a problem at work but my attitude as been flipped, am able to cope with things/people, team leader, better. I want to be able get parole soon, I don’t think I want to be sentence for life! And I know that with the coaching, I want be staying there to long anymore, thanks to Scott and is wonderful teaching, guidance and support. Scott is giving some pretty powerful points for my web business as well. Like we have heard so often, every successful person out there that I’ve red about have had a coach/mentor at some point in there life. And I believe that my time as come. This is it, we’re taking it to the next level. Scott’s coaching techniques are just amazing. Thank you very much. GOD Bless!

Marc Richard

I just had my second session with Scott Armstrong this morning and since I’ve been working with him, so many opportunities have come into my life. I have never had a shortage of ideas, but used to end up frustrated by the dizzying array of possibilities that I would often just do nothing to regain a sense of control and peace. Now I am coming from a place of confidence and gratitude, not fear, when approaching these opportunities and deciding which ones I want to manifest in my life. Also my relationship has improved significantly and I am really excited to create more happiness and joy in my life and those around me. Watch for my book series with the Money Chi titles, Scott will help me get them out of my head and out to the world. More later…thanks again, this is well worth the investment!

Alecia B. Caine CPA

On my birthday last November thru absolute desire and want, from sheer frustration, from going nowhere in a hurry I purchased a coaching course with Scott Armstrong that literally has blew the most beautiful winds of change into my life. From not being organized to being, from having a lack mentality to cultivating my mindset, to invoking a passion and vibrancy in my soul that had being poisoned for a long long time and had rendered me stale and stagnant. The catalyst for the peaceful mindset, the attractor of riches, the warm feeling of enthusiasm in my soul may be named as the great Scott Armstrong. What I have gotten in 6 sessions cannot be quantified by human methods of measurement. To have the plow of poison removed, to wake up thinking and desiring life, to speak in abundant terms and to actually talk the talk as opposed to thinking about it. It gives me great pleasure to be wholly grateful for the arrival of Scott into my life, his sheer enthusiasm is a joy to listen to. You cannot help but be in awe and want to do your absolute best for this remarkable man. Every day should be a Scott Armstrong day. There is no higher praise than that. Now I’m organized ready and hungry and deserving of abundance. Scott has facilitated all of the above. I now have a gift of love, peace of mind am redesigned, a new mind, thank you Scott Truly You are one of a kind.

Joe Costello
Dublin, Ireland

Over the past five weeks I have had two 30 min telephone calls with Scott and due to them I have achieved more in the past two weeks then in the past two years with respect to: Feeling good about myself.An 18 month action plan to achieve my top three goals.Focusing on my business development – two new clients in the last two weeks with two more targeted.

My eBook now only 4 weeks away from being ready for publication – I have been guilty of procrastinating on this for 3 months.

As a trained Business and Personal Growth Coach, I teach the above, but am guilty of not practicing what I preach. It has been a great five weeks with some one to bounce ideas off and just to communicate with. Once again, thank you for a great May 2005.

Steve Smith
Author, Coach,Speaker

I have just completed my 10th session with Scott and I must say I am a completely changed individual. “I’m writing to give you a status report as to how things are progressing since I have been working with Scott Armstrong. Wow! Am I Jazzed or What? With 4 sessions under my belt I am seeing many great changes taking place and I am feeling more empowered, focused, upbeat and confident in all areas of my life. As a REALTOR I am finding that since working with Scott, I have achieved 4 new listings and have 13 new clients and investors that have come to me out of the blue, and are actively working with me to accomplish their needs. There are Lenders and other affiliates that are seeking me out, wanting to partner with me on marketing strategies. I am attracting people and opportunities that are taking me forward. My family life has improved immensely. As you are aware, my wife was very skeptical as to whether your coaching program would be of any value or just another gimmick. She is a big believer and supporter now. My communication between my wife and children has improved tremendously. I’ve shed 15 Pounds. My spiritual life is improving. The daily meditation, positive affirmations, goal setting and visualizations, dream board are important for me to accomplish each day. I appreciate and value Scott for the interactive manner that I am able to work with him. I value the fact that Scott promotes the idea in my having a stronger belief in myself and my abilities. I realize now that I am the one in the drivers seat that must take control to make the most of a positive journey with the help of my navigator at my side showing the way. I look forward to continuing to work with Scott. Thank you for placing me with him.

Raymond Rodriguez
Real Estate Investor

I have had only three sessions with Scott Armstrong and I already am ramping up with more certainty, clarity and confidence in my own ability. It feels really good. There are physical effects as well. My body is actually aligning with my new attitude – better posture, stronger steps, and people are noticing. There are better things ahead – and I can’t wait! Thanks for your help!

Raymond Wright PHD

I have had only three sessions with Scott Armstrong and I felt so much more confident. I have learned so much and to my amazement seemed to have conquered the fear of public speaking too. I went to the Toastmasters meeting as suggested by Scott and was unexpectedly asked to step in the front to speak … which I did after a brief hesitation. An achievement which I am very proud of. I have been working with setting some goals, my health is improving and these coaching sessions seemed to have brought back the drive, which I thought I had lost….and given me more of a reason to go forward and actually do something with all the information and knowledge I have. (I am currently studying for Masters Degree) All this makes me feel very excited about the future. I am truly grateful and look forward to some more. I have great confidence in Scott.

Annaliisa Gillings

I want to give you an update on my progress since I have been working with Scott Armstrong. Did I tell you I am 65 yrs old? My life has changed dramatically in the last week since my first coaching session. I have lost 5 lbs. in only 1 week. ( I had previously found weight control impossible ) after talking to Scott I just seemed to ‘change gear’ somehow, and by following his guidance and suggestions experienced an amazing breakthrough. I can now fit into my ‘skinny jeans’ not worn for years actually. Yippee!!! Another HUGE PLUS is: my husband and I were tearing each other apart, we were miserable, now Tony and myself are having a really happy fun relationship, getting on better than we ever have. Life is really worth living, and I wake up in the mornings full of expectancy and fun.

Christine Hutchings
Real Estate Investor
New Zealand

I am writing to let you know how things have progressed for me since working with Scott.Armstrong. I have had four coaching sessions, and It feels as if my life has changed. The biggest difference in my life is that I am taking action, and I am seeing results. I have always been interested in personal development, but now I’m so passionate about it, because I am seeing incredible things happen. My goals for the next five years are crystal clear and no longer just dreams. I have been working on a life coach course, and have now successfully finished. I am now moving towards coach training, working on branding myself, and learning everything I need to know to be a great coach. Scott has been extremely helpful to me in working on this, my most important goal, which has resulted in me having a stronger belief in myself, and my abilities. I have been working on myself which has produced great positive changes within me. I now adopt positive healthy habits only. Thanks for everything Scott!

Tahmina Ghani

My name is Dan Smith from Lexington, Kentucky. I’m one of Scott Armstrong’s coaching students and I wanted to relay my story to you. In February of 2005 I had hit one of the lowest points in my life. I utterly hated my job in the corporate world. It was killing me. Literally! I loved the people that I worked with but was getting fed up with the way the big guys up in New York were outsourcing jobs overseas, cutting back the wages of our contractors, who made up the majority of the work force, and laying off workers simply to pad their own bonuses. I had become completely fed up with my job and to a great extent the life that I was living. I worked, what I called, the Vampire shift; 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. We had a tendency to eat all the wrong foods and on our days off spent most of the time sleeping to compensate long night shift hours that we worked. In February of 2005 this was the state of my personal life:Weight, 290 pounds. > Blood pressure 168/100. > Resting pulse, 98! > Type II Diabetes. > Three month blood sugar average, 7.5. (6.0 is considered normal.) > Triglyceride and cholesterol counts were off the chart. In fact the triglyceride count, at 600, was so high that my doctor could not get an LDL reading from my cholesterol. > I smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. > During my off hours the only thing that I was motivated to do was play games on my PC.
I made a decision to take control of my life and take it out of the hands of other people who only considered me a possible head count reduction. I decided to change careers and go into real estate sales. Over the course of the next six months I took Scott’s advise on many issues regarding my health. My finances were never a problem. Here are the results as of September, 2005:
Weight, 256 pounds. > Blood pressure 118/82. > Resting pulse, 80! > Three month blood sugar average, 6.3. (6.0 is considered normal.) > Triglyceride count down to 289. (Still high but headed in the right direction.) > My cholesterol count had fallen to 136, the best reading of my adult life! > I quit smoking in April. > My lungs were clear and I could hit the treadmill for as long as I wanted without hacking my lungs up. > I worked out regularly at the gym and for the first time in over fifteen years I was able to run a mile at 4.5 MPH on the treadmill! > I now have my dream job as a Realtor working for exactly the office that I wanted to work for, RE/MAX Premier in Lexington. > I also have my own private investment company, Robber Baron Holdings, Inc.Scott Armstrong seemed to know just where my life was broken and helped me get it on the right track! His council has added years to my life and better yet, life to my years. During my last checkup in August my doctor commented, “You don’t need me any more!” Well, yes I do. I need my doctor as well as my coach and the program that I’ve been in for the last six months. I have much, much further to go!Now I will issue a word of caution at this point. Scott is a great guy and knows his stuff. He can help you change your life. However, there is one small catch. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! This isn’t magic, it’s coaching. When he tells you, “Here’s the ball, now run with it.” you have to do what he says! Your life will not change over night, but it will change direction. Progress may be slower than you would like but progress is better than doing nothing! Your life ABSOLUTELY WILL CHANGE and for the better. The key is to take action! I congratulate you on deciding to take control of your life and choosing the coaching. I also congratulate you on your choice of coaches! May you have everything out of life that you desire!


Dan Smith Realtor
RE/MAX Premier & President
Robber Baron Holdings, Inc. Lexington, Kentucky