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Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Our Services

We offer coaching packages in the following areas:

Personal Coaching That Will Show You How to Transform Your Life!

Of course you’re familiar with the fact that most of the household name celebrities of the world — the Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts and Mariah Careys of red carpet fame — are actively coached. They wouldn’t dream of NOT coaching, since they know that getting to and maintaining the personal bests that have made them who they are, requires accountability and constant effort.

But these days, coaching isn’t just limited to the singers, athletes and actors of the world. If you really want to make major improvements in your life, you need a Personal Coach. It’s an absolute must!

Why? The coaching relationship gives you an objective partner to help you constantly evaluate whether your actions are effective – and help you retool your efforts if they’re not performing as they could… For more details, set up a free consultation.

Dr. Elizabeth Drayson
University of Cambridge,
Professor, United Kingdom

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Our Boulder Coaching Academy personal or professional coaching can help you:

Achieve a healthy work – home life balance.
Connect more fully with your Life’s Purpose.
Continually evaluate where you are, and where you’re going.
Develop a clear vision for all areas of your life.
Teach you to become accountable to a game plan designed to actualize your personal vision for your life.
Enhance your ability to access your capabilities and internal and external resources.
Overcome patterns that block your from achieving your goals.
Progress more rapidly toward your goals.

Within the first three to four sessions, you can expect the following:

You will be more focused and motivated
You will create a future for yourself that motivates and excites you
You will enjoy more energy and enthusiasm for your life
You will find meaning and purpose in your life
You will have more free time to do the things you enjoy
You will improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships
You will learn how to accomplish any goal you set for yourself
And, you will learn how to have a lot more fun in life!

What Are Some Other “Results” You May Experience Via Personal or Business Coaching?

Depending on the areas you and your coach choose to address, you will learn how to:

Become more profitable Improve communication skills and relationships
Design the rest of your life Make more money
Develop strategies Plan for success
Dream big! Push through limiting fears
Gain more self-confidence Reduce stress
Get clear on what you want See other possibilities
Grow your business Set and achieve goals
Take consistent action Stay focused on what’s important in your life

As an Additional “Benefit” of Having a Personal Coach You will Feel.

Appreciated Motivated
Confident Noticed
Empowered Recognized
Encouraged Successful
Inspired Supported

Sales Training That Will Show You How to Exponentially Magnify Your Earning Power!

We offer a comprehensive Sales Training program to measurably improve your selling skills. In fact, we guarantee it. We have over 25 years of proven sales experience. In this program you will take your selling to the next level. For more details, set up a free consultation.

Authoring Techniques That Will Show You How to Leave a Legacy or Transport Your Reputation to the Next Level – In Record Time!

You can become an author in record time. In less than 12 hours of writing, you can become a published author. We have a step by step program that will get your book out in record time. We have numerous people that have used this program with outstanding results!
For more details, set up a free consultation.