BOULDER, CO–(MARKET WIRE)–Oct 30, 2006 — Forrest Gump’s mama famously told him, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But Walter P. Sharp, creator of the Whitman’s Sampler (the world’s best selling box of chocolate) and his great-grandson Scott Armstrong, founder and president of the Boulder Coaching Academy, would disagree.

Walter Sharp’s famous one-pound yellow sampler box was the first to include a variety of chocolates and a custom map inside the lid, making it possible to choose your sweet success with every bite. Four generations later, staying true to the Whitman Sampler innovator’s ideals, Scott encourages and empowers his clients to effectively map out the sweet success of their own daily lives.

Armstrong, a highly regarded life coach, has helped hundreds of clients around the world savor the sweet success that comes from choosing their personal life goals and taking the right steps to achieve them — effectively determining their own life’s future, rather than leaving success to chance.

“Life success is just too important to treat as if you were merely selecting a bon bon from a candy dish,” says Armstrong. “I firmly believe that to achieve major success in life, you need a coach. It’s no secret that Opra Winfrey, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Dell and Deepak Chopra have all been coached in their pursuit of stellar achievement. A coach focuses on helping someone chart their future and provides an objective partner to constantly evaluate whether your actions are effective. A coach helps you retool efforts, change habits and learn new skills if you’re not performing as expected. Most importantly, a coach holds you accountable and ensures that you achieve your objectives.”

Karen Knowler enrolled in the Boulder Coaching Academy in November 2005 to gain the knowledge and experience required to turn her dreams of greatness into a plan of action. Under the guidance of Scott Armstrong, Karen developed a roadmap and the skills needed to become one of the top raw food experts in the world. Karen has lectured internationally and has been seen by millions of viewers on national TV, and appears frequently in other media.

“Scott is an amazing human being who truly walks his talk,” said Karen Knowler. His professionalism, positive attitude, passion for life, desire to serve, and amazing knowledge base, have accelerated me past my initial goals, to a position leaps ahead of where I imagined when we first started.”

Scott Armstrong has coached clients worldwide — from Australia, Canada, Curacao, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, United States, Trinidad, and New Zealand — sharing his secrets of success while training clients to achieve their own outstanding outcomes. To hear testimonials from past graduates who share how the Boulder Coaching Academy has helped them choose success in their lives and careers, or to download Scott Armstrong’s eBook, titled “Boston Marathon Or Bust: How to Achieve Your Dreams,” go to the Boulder Coaching Academy website:

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