Without belief, I would never have achieved my dreams. It is what has kept me pursuing my dreams when things have not necessarily been going well. I have always believed in myself and my talents and that I could accomplish my dreams.

A belief is any guiding principle, dictum, faith or passion that can provide direction and meaning in life. When we trust something is true, that belief delivers a strong command to the brain to visualize what we are convinced will occur while simultaneously changing our subconscious thought patterns.

Having a strong belief can be your most powerful tool in bringing great things into your life. A series of strong beliefs can empower you so you can achieve almost any goal that you set for yourself. Once you set your goal and you truly believe you can accomplish it, your nervous system and brain come into play and make it work. Throughout history, people who have had strong beliefs have accomplished things many people thought were previously impossible.

To change your behaviors, it is important to examine your current belief system and be open to changing what doesn’t work. The first step in changing your belief system is to find people who have done what you want to accomplish. Study their belief systems and incorporate them into your own belief structure. As these wise folks know, success leaves clues.

It is important in your life to do things that will challenge your established belief patterns and get you out of your comfort zone. The event in my life that took my belief system to an entirely new level was the fire walk experience with Tony Robbins. As you may already know, Tony Robbins is a well known motivational speaker and the father of the Life Coaching movement. On the first day of his seminar, participants walk across a bed of hot coals. I will never forget signing the waiver form right before the event which stated that Robbins Research International was not responsible for any bodily harm — noting that the coals can reach temperatures up to 1,200 degrees! Trying to stay positive, I thought to myself at the time, “If I don’t get through the fire walk successfully, I could always become a professional stump dancer!”

In the end I made it through unharmed, and that successful walk across a twenty foot bed of hot coals took my belief system as well as my mental game to an entirely new level. The fire walk also demonstrated to me that I can trust myself and have the ability to use my mind over physical obstacles. It removed any doubt about my ability to do anything I thought was difficult or impossible. That is why I now believe that if I could get myself to walk over red hot coals, the world is open and waiting for me to achieve things I previously thought I could not.

Beliefs come from different events in your life. We all have experiences that we won’t forget. We each have events in our own lives that create or alter the perceptions we have of our own world. A good way to reconstruct or bolster a belief structure is through seeking additional knowledge. By reading books on how others have achieved incredible accomplishments, you will help shift your belief system relating to what is possible. This will eventually help you succeed. Also, talking to anyone you can find who has accomplished what you wish to accomplish adds to your knowledge base. Learn as much as you can from others’ experiences. Most people enjoy talking about their successes and sharing the knowledge they have gained.

Remember to Believe and you will succeed!