The simple explanation for how affirmations work is that our universe works in a very specific way. In order to make something happen in the physical universe, you first have to have the thought or consideration that you want that thing to happen. Think about it. Before you make a phone call or pet your dog or kiss your baby you have to decide that you’re going to do that. Affirmations are the decisions that you make to have something happen. They must be there in order for you to then begin the process of making whatever you want to happen in the physical universe actually happen.

To put it another way. Affirmations are simply you being in control of your thoughts, declaring to the universe what you want to be true. And when you want it to be true, it will be true because that is your intention.

The Power of Intention
Intention is the power behind affirmations. When you assert something to be true, it is true because your intention makes it true.

Webster’s dictionary defines intention as the “conception of a thing formed first by the direct application of the mind to the individual object, idea or image.” This is what we were just talking about. You have to have the conception of a thing in your mind, you must have the intention to make something happen before it actually happens.

A good example of this is when I decided I wanted to be an author. I put the intention out the universe and things happened very quickly. The people circumstances and events lined up beautifully.

When you have an affirmation and back it with intention, you become an unstoppable force. Give it a try and see what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised!