NewswireToday/newswire/ – Boulder, CO, United States, 12/04/2008 – Life coach Scott Sharp Armstrong trained for 12 years to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. His dream almost died at mile 16. it was not his physical conditioning that saved his dream, but the mental conditioning he now teaches. 

Dire messages about the economy are everywhere. Television newscasters, talk radio hosts and sites all over the internet spread a message of fear about the future. Headlines proclaim the worst Christmas in decades (or perhaps ever) for retailers. With the world seeming to fall apart, is it possible for a person to rise above it?

Scott Sharp Armstrong says a resounding “yes.” His story is a perfect example of the power of the mind in action. He wrote his first book Boston Marathon or Bust about the journey to his dream. His new book The Best Affirmations Handbook, co-authored by Dr. Patricia Ross, delves into the mental training strategies necessary to overcome potentially defeating situations.

At the cusp of achieving his big dream, Armstrong nearly lost it. “Qualifying for and running in the Boston Marathon was the biggest dream of my life.” He trained 12 years to qualify for and run this prestigious race. “Success isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, persistence and training”

Armstrong had trained his body for peak efficiency in order to qualify to run the Boston marathon. “I was never more ready for anything in my life. I knew this was the time.” Yet despite his physical conditioning and winner’s mindset, he had to fight to keep his dream alive.

Armstrong had to average 7-minute miles throughout the marathon to make it through the race. “I was right on pace at mile 16 when all of a sudden the wheels started falling off the bus. I knew I was in trouble.”

The grueling race was taking its toll. “I wasn’t feeling good. Then stinking thinking started to come in and I was telling myself things like, ‘what are you doing out here? Why are you doing this? What were you thinking? Listening to myself made me feel worse.”

Scott Armstrong’s well-conditioned mind saved his dream. He knew he had to get into a better mindset if he was going to finish the race. “I flipped the switch and started talking to myself instead of listening to myself.” 
He said he talked to himself throughout the remaining ten miles of the race repeating statements like these: “You can do it. You’re the best. You’re a winner. You’re getting stronger and stronger.”

When the finish line came into view, he knew he was about to achieve the biggest dream of his life. How did his mind save his dream? “If it was not for using the affirmations, I would never have achieved my goal.”

Armstrong dedicated an entire chapter of his first book Boston Marathon or Bust to using affirmations, and one on the importance of having a coach or mentor. He now runs the Boulder Coaching Academy and is a highly sought after life coach with clients from all over the world. “Affirmations and mindset are a huge part of my coaching, because without the right mindset, nothing else works right.”

“Affirmations will not change the stock market closing number or a bank balance,” Armstrong said, “but when you train your mind to move you toward success, you can achieve your goals and dreams even when everything seems to be falling apart around you.”

His newest book, the Best Affirmations Workbook is currently available in audio and electronic book format from Dr. Patricia Ross, a mindset and writing coach, is his co-author. The print version, called The best Affirmations Handbook comes out in January and will soon be available from their website or your favorite bookseller.

“Without affirmations,” Armstrong said, “I would never have achieved the biggest dream of my life.”