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Saturday, August 24, 2019
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About Us

The Boulder Coaching Academy Delivers Immediate, Measurable Results

We recognize that each of our clients has different wants and needs. For example, you might want to work with the coaches at the Boulder Coaching Academy to learn how to:

Break through self-limiting boundaries that are keeping you from making more money
Get clear on what you want in life
Actively reduce personal stress
Acquire self-assurance, enhance self confidence, gain poise in stressful situations
Discover how to attain peace of mind
Torpedo procrastination by learning how to take action – consistently
Learn how to “Dream Big”
Design a life that tickles your soul
Recognize opportunities and seize life’s possibilities
Maintain solid focus on what’s important in life

That’s why we customize your program/coaching sessions for maximum results in a very short period of time. Your coach will begin by asking you questions, listening to you and giving you feedback, brainstorming different ideas and challenging you. During these sessions your coach will give you encouragement and praise for your current and past success. We call these success-reference points. These will be valuable when striving for your new goals. In addition, you will conclude each session with action steps to take between the coaching sessions.

Scott coaches clients like you worldwide – from the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, to Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Denmark, Iceland, Czechoslovakia, Trinidad, and Curacao. Always his goal is to share his secrets of success while encouraging you to achieve your own outstanding outcomes. Scott works worldwide by phone and email. This means you can work with us anytime and anywhere!

Rebecca Pepper
Entrepreneur, Coach, Author
London, United Kingdom

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What Happens When You Work with the Boulder Coaching Academy?

We use a proven, step-by-step system designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams and have fun at the same time. When you work with us you can expect to see measurable results in a very short period of time. You will receive decades of wisdom in your first couple of coaching sessions. In fact, most people tell us that after a couple of coaching sessions, their lives are forever changed for the better.

Introducing Scott Armstrong, Founder and President of the Boulder Coaching Academy

Scott Armstrong has over twenty successful years of sales, marketing and personal development experience, bringing in millions of dollars of revenue.

Having himself been mentored by some of the world’s best personal development teachers, such as Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Mike Litman, he’s also participated in many of their motivational seminars around the country.

According to Scott, his most influential and life changing event was a four day seminar with Anthony Robbins concluding with the fire-walk experience. Completing the Robbins program helped him raise his “mental game” to an entirely new level.

c08Other lifetime achievements which helped instill him with lessons in teamwork, self-confidence, success principles, persistence and leadership include: becoming an Eagle Scout at a young age, graduating from the University of Colorado, authoring a book, serving two terms as President of Toastmasters International, qualifying for and finishing the 100th running of the Boston Marathon and completing 12 additional marathons overall. He values his Boston Marathon achievement as one of his greatest personal success stories, incorporating some of the story into his motivational e-book, “Boston Marathon or Bust. “

Being active and having accomplished so much in his life, Scott now has the inspiration, confidence and desire to motivate and teach others to achieve their goals and dreams.

Scott’s personal mission is to embody and promote all aspects of a healthy life—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, while coaching people who are seeking success in areas related to personal development.

Scott lives with his beautiful wife Sarah, lakeside in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, where he also bases Boulder Coaching Academy.

He encourages you to email him with your questions.